Welcoming the New Generation

For the past few months, my life felt so surreal. Placing my hand upon my wife’s enlarged belly, I could feel the movement of new life. I knew my daughter would soon be making her entrance into this world. The title of father will soon be bestowed upon me. Am I really going to be a dad? The thought seemed so bizarre and filled me with nervous anticipation and exuberant pride.

While this child was planned, I doubt anything can prepare me for being a parent. My wife, family and friends have all said I’d make a great father. Part of me remains hopeful that their predictions are accurate; the other part is scared out of my mind and in complete denial. There is definitely an indescribable feeling of pride and nervousness. The realization of becoming a father hasn’t quite set in yet. I am ready to accept the responsibilities and complete change in my lifestyle for the better of another life. Despite my devotion to the title, assuming the role still feels awkward. I’ll be a dad. The words race through my head everyday as the date of arrival quickly approaches.

In addition to the realization, there are several bigger questions that weigh heavy on my mind. Will my daughter be healthy? Will she have a memorable childhood? Will I be a good enough parent to give her everything she needs in life? I’m sure these concerns of the future will become less frightening in time, but the patience of facing the unknown seems like an eternity. The anticipation only breeds a heavier mix of excitement and fear. The calm wind before the storm of parenting sends shivers through my skin as I anxiously await the wave of the future. I will not flee, but face this change with bravery and devotion.

Good or bad, prepared or not, I will rise to the task of raising my daughter to assure she has the best life and hopefully give her the tools she needs to make the next generation just as enduring. It will not be an easy path, but the path most admirable is worth the journey. Only with taking the plunge and facing all the joys and hardships of parenthood will I earn the title of father. Through the sleepless nights, the endless hours of changing, the multitude of feedings and the attention devoted to her development, I will strive to be the father she needs with a few simple words of inspiration: I am a dad.